How can fastener enterprises become "invisible champions"?

How can fastener enterprises become "invisible champions"?




Have you ever heard of the invisible champion? Why should "champions" be "invisible"?
The so-called invisible champion refers to the invisible world champion enterprise in the basic parts (components), basic materials, industrial software and industrial Internet basic fields of manufacturing industry.
"Invisibility" refers to the main product parts (components), materials or software of an enterprise, which are invisible inside the end products, which are not easily found and cause concern.
"Champion" means the invisible world champion (or the top three in the world).
The invisible champion is the world class "the super giant.".
The concept comes from Hermann Simon, a famous German economist and manager, who believes that the invisible champion should have three standards: (1) the top three companies in the world or the first company on a continent( 2) Companies with turnover less than EUR 5billion( 3) It's not a well-known company.
China Vice President China China Machinery Research Institute one belt, one road Entrepreneur Summit in Xuyi, Jiangsu recently, the national manufacturing power construction strategy advisory committee member, the former vice president of China Machinery Research Institute, and the director of the manufacturing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Qu Xian Ming, have pointed out that China has become the world's largest manufacturing country, but not a manufacturing power. "In 2018, It is a weak country of quality and brand. China lacks a group of world famous brands which represent excellent quality. This is the main bottleneck to be solved in made in China 2025, and it is an important task to cultivate the world invisible champion enterprises!
At the scene, he gave many examples of "invisible champions", such as Yinchuan small giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd., a sole proprietorship company of Mazak, the world's top two machine tool factory. This is a company that emphasizes the spirit of craftsmanship, and all key positions of workers will be sent to Japanese factories for 3 months and meticulous training; All CNC systems and functional parts are all high-quality products, and successfully create this super brand.
Haiyan Hengfeng is a private enterprise famous for the complex tools such as broach. Chen Errong, founder, has been struggling hard for more than 20 years, and has always adhered to the principle of quality first. Their motto is "to be a user, to be good at its work, to benefit its tools, to change and advance, to be satisfied for a long time and to create a famous brand". Hengfeng produced a super gear broach with a length of 3 meters and a diameter of 350 mm. It is the first in China and rare in the world, and is called "king of knives". It is already a real "champion".


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